Advanced Ice


Are you ready for the upcoming season?

Each club member will be responsible for a $200 registration fee in September of each year.

We offer fundraising options during the year, as an incentive to earn back, up to $200 off your yearly registration fee.

Register for ice time and off-ice training today!


MCFSC Walk-On Policy


         o   Skater’s must be registered members with USFSA.

         o   Skater’s must have a completed registration form on file.

         o   Skater’s must have a signed consent to treat form on file.

Walk-On Fees:

            Members Prepaid

                        1 Hour - $13.00

                        1 ½ Hours - $19.50

            Members Billed Monthly per hour - $16.00

            Non-Members Prepaid

                        1 Hour - $15.00

                        1 ½ Hours - $22.50

            Non-Members Billed Monthly per hour - $18.00