North Dakota State Fair Parade

We are just over a week away from the NDSF Parade.  We are #173 in the parade.  We have been told that we will be lining up around the Simonsons gas station area.  You will need to look for our number.  We may end up being further north or south.  It just depends on how the organizers line everyone up.  We will post on Facebook where we end up parked.  

  • Participants should be there by 8:30am.  
  • Participants are welcome to rollerblade, but MUST wear a helmet.  If they don't have a helmet, the will have to walk.
  • Rollerbladers will need to get on the trailer to go over the bridge by the coke plant.
  • Rollerbladers bring shoes.
  • Walkers should wear comfortable shoes.
  • The participants MUST have a ride at the end of the parade, so make arrangements.  Pick up will be in the EAST PARKING LOT of the fairgrounds.
  • We would really like all participants to wear the tank we are making for the parade.  We will keep ordering open until 9am Saturday, July 14th.  Go to the link to order a tank!
  • DO NOT THROW CANDY!!  The organizers don't want candy on the road.
  • We need all participants to bring at least 1 LARGE bag of non-chocolate candy.  We will have candy, but more is always good!
  • Wear Sunscreen!!
  • We will provide water for participants.
  • Participants will receive FREE admission to the fair that day!

Please let us know by responding to the email if you plan to participate.  We need to know how many to plan for.


We are also going to have a work night on Thursday, July 19th to decorate the float.  It shouldn't take long at all.  Please let us know if you can help that night and we will get you the location information.


It's going to be a FUN day!  Don't miss out!!


Barb Kohlman