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Who are the MCFSC coaches?

The Magic City Figure Skating Club coaches are professional independent contractors who are certified through the United States Figure Skating Association. Each coach has been approved by the board of directors to ensure we offer only the best for you and/or your child.


Why work with a private coach?

Our skaters benefit not only from their coaches’ strong skating background, but also their professionalism, commitment, and educational backgrounds. Our various coaches deliver quality instruction from basic to senior skill levels of skating.  



When beginning private lessons, you will now be splitting your investment between two different avenues:

  1. Ice time

  2. Coaching fees

The fee for ice time will be paid directly to the club while the coaching fees will be paid directly to your coach. 

I want to work with a private coach! What should I do next?

  1. Look through the directory of the MCFSC coaching staff below.

  2. Once you find a coach you like, you can contact them directly to find out rates and availability.

  3. Together, you and your coach will determine how often you or your child will need lessons to achieve your/their own personal skating goals.

  4. Your coach will then help you navigate the world of figure skating by:

  • Helping set realistic yet challenging goals for the upcoming season.

  • Letting you know when you or your child is ready to test up to the next level.

  • Keeping you informed about upcoming competitions.


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