Learn to Skate - Registration


Registration Information

There are 3 steps to take when registering you or your child for LTS classes.



Each skater must register annually through Learn to Skate (LTS).

If this is your first time signing up for LTS or you need to renew for the July 2018 - June 2019 season. 

Pay for your LTS registration while signing up for classes through the MCFSC. The cost is $25 for the first skater and $20 for each additional skater to cover processing fees. 

You can pay this fee here or pay at the on-site registration.



Sign up for LTS classes with the MCFSC. 

The next section on this page will outline the 3 options you have to register for classes. 



Rent skates for the entire session.

Do you have your own skates or will you need to rent? The Magic City Figure Skating Club rents out figure skates for the entire session for $25.00 (first come first serve basis). 


The MCFSC only has figure skates available. We do not have hockey skates to rent out but you can rent hockey skates through the MAYSA arena.

If you have your own pair of skates, you are all set and do not need to pay for renting skates!


How to Register

There are 3 ways you can register for classes. Choose the option that works best for you and your family. 


Option 1:

Print off the form, fill it out, include a check and mail it directly to us.

A date will be scheduled to fit skates before the session starts.



Register in-person at the MAYSA arena.

This is a great way to get any additional questions answered that you may have! Registration dates are:

  • Monday, October 22nd 5:30-7:00pm

  • Wednesday, October 24th 5:30-7:00pm 



Register online.

Click the button below and you will be taken to the registration page! You will find 3 different options:

  • LTS Annual Registration Fee*

  • LTS Class Sign-up - to sign-up, choose the day(s) you want to register for, click "Add to Cart" and fill out the entire form

  • Figure Skate Rentals - to rent, click "Add to Cart" and fill out the entire form

  • If you are registering for both Monday and Wednesday classes, you get Wednesday for 1/2 price! At checkout, all you have to do is enter the promo code LTSSESSIONA for Snowplow-Pre-Freeskate and LTSSESSIONAFS for Freeskate 1 - Freeskate 6 in the promo box, and it will discount it for you.



Once you have added everything you need to your cart, simply check out and we will see you on at the rink!