Fundraisers  &  Volunteering


The Magic City Figure Skating Club relies on fundraising and volunteers to keep our skaters’ costs reasonable and affordable. As a member of the MCFSC, you are responsible for fulfilling the fundraising requirements listed below. Please note that we reserve the right to revise fundraising requirements in the future. We will always work to keep the responsibilities of our members as low as we can while still supporting our club. We appreciate your support of our skaters and our skating programs!


Members like you keep our program as affordable as possible to all our skaters. 

Thank you!

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2019-2020 Season

(Advanced and Learn to Skate Members)



In order for the MCFSC to offer services and events to its members, we rely on the participation of our members to provide the necessary volunteer power and funding required for their implementation.


  1. A family having more than one member in the club may fundraise as a family unit.

  2. A “buy-out” option will available for each fundraising activity. The required due date for the “buy-out” will be published at the start of each fundraising activity.

  3. Any MEMBER who does not participate fully in a mandatory fundraiser will be assessed the total “buy-out” amount for that fundraiser.

  4. Any MEMBER who does not fully meet the requirements of a fundraising activity will be considered in arrears, and will not be in good standing, resulting in denial of membership with MCFSC until the “buy-out” payment is paid in full. Arrears: Arrears shall be defined as a failure to pay on or before the due date. A member with indebtedness shall not be permitted to vote, hold office, skate in any Club-sponsored freestyle session, compete at competitions or take any U.S. Figure Skating test until such time as the indebtedness is corrected. The Board of Directors may drop a delinquent member from the Club roster for indebtedness.

  5. Advanced Skaters: Advanced skaters are identified as any skaters taking advantage of advanced ice time and private lessons. (If your child is taking private lessons and while still enrolled in Learn to Skate classes, you will be required to follow the Advanced Skater Fundraising Requirements.)

  6. Freeskate 1–6 Skaters:  Any skaters enrolled in Freeskate 1- 6 classes are required to follow the Freeskate 1-6 Fundraising Requirements.  Skaters who advance into Freeskate 1 after January 1, 2020 will be required to work one (1) four-hour concession shift.

  7. Any skater enrolling after December 31, 2019 will have applicable concession shift requirements prorated by half.



MCFSC Club Fundraisers and Requirements



  • Free Skate 1-6:  two (2) four-hour shifts

  • Advanced Skaters: four (4) four-hour shifts

The MCFSC benefits from funds raised through the MAYSA Concession. Our shift requirements increased by one this year due to the fact that our club receives 1/3rd of concessions profits while only working 10% of the available shifts. To ensure that MCFSC continues to receive the same profit share in the future, our club MAYSA representatives agreed to increasing the club’s responsibility in filling concessions shifts.

If you are unable to fulfill your designated shift requirements, a $200 buy-out fee will be assessed per unfilled shift. This fee will be assessed at the end of the MAYSA Concessions season.

Note: The shift requirement is per family. For example, if you have two skaters in your family—one in Learn to Skate and one in our advanced program, the requirement for that family is four (4) four-hour shifts total.



  • Free Skate 1-6: 10 Butterbraids sold (Buyout $75)

  • Advanced Skaters: 20 Butterbraids sold (Buyout $150)

  • Prizes awarded to the top three sellers

Note: The buyout fee will be billed as of the closing date listed on the order forms (date TBD). 



The club will hold a gun raffle, and each Advanced Member will be asked to sell a minimum of $200.00 in tickets. Prizes will be given to the top three sellers. The drawing will be held during the annual Ice Show.



MCFSC Club Volunteer Hour Requirements



Throughout our season, the MCFSC hosts one of the largest figure skating competitions in the state, produces an annual Ice Show, offers test sessions for our Advanced Skaters and hosts  social events for the club. To continue to be successful in these endeavors, we require volunteer hours from the families of participating skaters. If your child participates in any of the events listed below, you will be required to fulfill the volunteer requirements for the specific event. The buy-out is $30/shift.  Unfulfilled shifts will be billed after the event.


Club Test Sessions

  • Work a minimum of one (1) shift (running or announcing)

  • Bring a minimum of one (1) hospitality item for Hospitality Rooms

    *If all requirements are not fulfilled, the buy-out total is $60.

Magic City International Competition

Non-Qualifying Competitors

  • Work a minimum of three (3) shifts

  • Bring a minimum of three (3) hospitality items.

    *If all requirements are not fulfilled, the buy-out total is $180.

Compete USA Competitors

  • Work a minimum of two (2) shifts

  • Bring a minimum of two (2) hospitality items.

    *If all requirements are not fulfilled, the buy-out total is $120.


Annual Ice Show

  • Work a minimum of one (1) shift (room parents, spotlights, programs, etc)





Synchro Fundraisers

The following fundraisers are only for families a part of the synchronized skating team. 


When: Thanksgiving morning

All synchro families are required to participate in this event.

Contact Erin Holt for more information.



When: TBA

All synchro families are required to participate in this event.

Contact Shannon Holman for more information.