The MCFSC has a meeting once a month that all members are welcome to attend!

We love when our members are involved and we encourage you to attend whenever your schedule allows. 



The second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

The exact date, time and location for the next meeting are always posted on the home page in the event of a necessary date or time change.



The Maysa Arena board room. 


Have a question for the board?

If you have a concern or question you would like the board to address, please submit it at least 24 hours prior to the next board meeting. We thank you in advance for keeping your request as professional as possible and we promise to address them as best we can. If you prefer your request is kept confidential, please mention it in the message and we will always respect your privacy. 


  2018 - 2019

Board of Directors


Regan Slind

Vice President

Somer Garaas


Amy Orth


Jaimie Brunner

Members at large

Shannon Holman

Erik Davidson

Chelsea Kirkhammer

Jessica Rakness

Brandy Halland


If you have any questions about how our meetings work, please visit our Policies, Procedures and By-Laws page.