The Magic City Figure Skating Club is a volunteer driven organization. We rely on the support of our membership base to fill vital roles within the organization. For more information on current volunteer needs, please contact the club President.


Skating Programs

Program Director - Barb Kohlman –

Synchronized Skating - Nora Mihalick -


Club Apparel - Barb Kohlman -

Competitions -  Barb Kohlman -

Jessica Rakness -

Fundraising - Erin Thuner - 

Ice Show - Regan Slind -

Maysa Arena - Bob Gillen –

Membership - Barb Kohlman -

Maysa Board Reps -  Shane Barber –

         Shandra Stai –

         Cheri Neset –

Safe Sport - Jaimie Brunner -

Sanctions - Barb Kohlman -

Skate Sharpening - Cheri Neset – and 701-509-1383

Webmaster - Barb Kohlman -



If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please contact any MCFSC Board member or the chair listed below. 

We would love to have your involvement!



Chair - the MCFSC Board of Directors

The Bylaws Committee reviews and creates/modifies/updates the MCFSC policies as needed.  The bylaws are reviewed on an annual basis and if any changes are brought forth to the board, they are reviewed and voted on at our annual meeting each May.


Chair - the MCFSC Board of Directors

The Membership Committee organizes and communicates membership information to those interested in MCFSC membership. This refers to a membership handbook and any other pertinent information that would be of interest to the general MCFSC membership.  


Chair - Erin Thuner - 

The Fundraising Committee organizes, plans, and implements a variety of fundraising activities (both mandatory and volunteer) throughout the year.  The goal through fundraisers is to lower the cost of figure skating for all MCFSC families.


Co-chair - Jessica Rakness -

Co-chair - Barb Kohlman -

The Competition Committee organizes, plans, markets, and implements the annual MCFSC Competition (combined LTS & International) that is hosted at Maysa Arena.  The committee works hand-in-hand with the Program Director and coaches to ensure the needs of MCFSC skaters are reasonably met while being financially good stewards in regards to obtaining judges and ice time.  The committee organizes the volunteers needed for a variety of jobs that include coaches/judges hospitality, set up/tear down, awards, etc.


Co-chair - Erin Holt -

Co-chair - Barb Kohlman -

The Testing Committee organizes, plans, and implements test sessions 2-3 times a year.  The committee works hand-in-hand with the Program Director and coaches to ensure the needs of the MCFSC skaters are reasonably met while being financially good stewards in regards to obtaining judges, ice time, and an ice dance partner.  In addition, the test sessions should be marketed to gain interest/skaters from other area clubs to participate in the MCFSC test sessions.

Spring Ice Show

Chair - Regan Slind -

The Spring Ice Show Committee plans, organizes, and implements the annual spring show.  The committee works hand-in-hand with the Ice Show Director in all aspects of the ice show production.  The committee’s main focus includes off-ice tasks like ticket sales, marketing, advertising, program, set production, etc.  The on-ice tasks/show numbers is primarily the responsibility of the Ice Show Director and MCFSC coaches.


Chair - Kris Neset –

The Budget Committee organizes budgets as needed for specific items upon request and present an annual fiscal year (July-June) recap on previous fiscal year.  The committee works hand-in-hand with current MCFSC Treasurer and Program Director.

Safe Sport

Chair - Jaimie Brunner -

The SafeSport Committee strives to provide a safe environment that is free of misconduct and harassment.  The SafeSport Committee is the local point of contact(s) for the MCFSC and helps to ensure that our club is following USFSA SafeSport guidelines and protocol.

Coaching Liason

Chair - Erin Thuner –

The Coaches Liason Committee interfaces with coaches on the board’s behalf in regards to coaches needs and information sharing such as staffing, coaching education opportunities, program development, and skater development.