High School Lettering Program


Qualification and Letter Requirements:

Revised 01/2010

Skater must be in grades 9 – 12. Skater will submit a completed student lettering application form and agree to abide by all athletic program rules and consequences of the Minot Public School system.

Minot High School Requirements

The following rules of eligibility are put forth by Minot High School have been adopted as policy covering all individuals and groups who perform, compete, or make public appearances:

1. Students are required to maintain passing grades in all classes when participating in extra‐curricular and co‐curricular activities. The grade will be computed from the beginning of the semester. Formal grade checks will be completed every 3 weeks. The first check of each semester will serve as a “warning period” for students. Students who are failing at this point will be assigned to intervention time. Students who are failing a class or classes during the 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 week checks will be deemed ineligible. Students who are deemed “ineligible” will be allowed to present proof of eligibility to their respective coach or advisor on Monday of the week following the notification of ineligibility. If a student is failing one or more classes at the end of the semester, they will be deemed ineligible for the first week of the following semester. Students who have not passed 4 solid classes at the end of each semester will be ineligible for a period of 28 calendar days, as directed by the North Dakota High School Activities Association. Coaches and advisors may require weekly eligibility checks for all participants.

2. Use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, other harmful substances, and illegal use or possession of narcotics or habit‐forming drugs is prohibited. Any co‐curricular participant who indulges in any of these harmful practices will be suspended from all participation for a minimum period of six consecutive school weeks for the first offense and for a minimum period of eighteen consecutive school weeks for any subsequent offense. The period of suspension shall begin from the date and time notification is given to the student by the school administrator. The student shall have the right to a hearing within three school days after such notification. During the period between notification and hearing, the suspension may be deferred for good cause shown. However, if the suspension is not imposed and the student is found to be in violation of the alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substance rule, interscholastic contests or activities participated in by that student after the initial hearing will be forfeited and the suspension will start from the date that guilt was established.

3. An unexcused absence on the day of an activity will prevent a student from participating that day.

4. If a student is serving less than one day of Time‐Out, the student may participate but not travel until the Time‐Out is served.

5. If a student is serving one or more days of Time‐Out, the student cannot participate until the Time‐Out is served.

6. Students may receive awards or letters for their efforts while performing or competing as a representative of Magic Figure Skating Club. Students must meet criteria established in each individual activity and not be in violation of any rules of eligibility at the end of the activity season.

7. In cases where awards, letters, or official honors of activity participation are announced or awarded at banquets or other public gatherings, this rule shall apply: The student participant shall not be in violation of any rule of eligibility at the time of the banquet. If a participant is in violation, he/she will not be allowed to attend or to receive awards, letters, or honors at the banquet.

8. All activities are subject to the aforementioned rules.


MCFSC Requirements:

  • All financial obligations must be current.
  • You must skate three (3) MCFSC ice practice sessions per week with a minimum of 80% attendance (September 1 – April 30). Exception to this rule may be made for illness, injury, or family emergency.
  • You must attempt at least one USFSA official test per 12 month period (June 1 – May 31) with the exception of skaters who have passed their Gold Level Dance, Senior Moves in the Field, or Senior Freeskating tests.
  • You must have completed at least the Juvenile Freeskate, Silver Dance, or Novice Moves in the Field level test.
  • You must participate in at least three (3) “public” events per year (June 1 – May 31), such as competitions, ice shows, and exhibitions. At least one (1) of the events must be the Minot International Competition and at least one (1) must be a sanctioned ice show. In case of illness, injury, or extenuating circumstance you may be allowed to substitute one (1) qualifying or two (2) non‐qualifying USFSA sanctioned competitions.
  • You must volunteer four (4) hours in MCFSC activities.
  • You must have the recommendation of your coach(es).
  • You must provide necessary documentation (competition ordinal sheets, test forms, show programs, etc.) upon request to the Club representative.
  • Applications must be turned in to the selection committee by April 1 and will be considered by the Executive Board of the MCFSC, the skater’s coach, or the Board’s designee. The selection committee reserves the right to make final decisions on lettering.
  • By April 15 the MCFSC representative will submit the necessary information to the high schools involved.